Pioneer of stainless rod processing



シルバーロッド株式会社は、ステンレス専業の研磨丸棒・ロッド及び精密シャフトメーカーとして、「品質第一を心掛け、常に製品の信頼性向上に努め 顧客の要求と期待に応えるとともに、環境負荷の低減活動を通じて、経営基盤の充実と地球環境保全に貢献する」と言う基本理念の基に、品質・環境統合マネジメントシステムを構築し、高品質な製品を継続して提供するとともに企業活動を通じて、社会・地域のより良い環境づくりに貢献することを目的として、下記に基本方針を定めて推進します。


Quality and environment basic policy

Silver Rod Co., Ltd will build the quality and environment integration policy, and continually offer high quality of the products as a manufacturer which specializes in the stainless polishing round bar, rod, and precise stainless steel shaft, with the basic idea that we always keep the product quality in mind, aim to obtain customers’ reliance on our products, meet our customers’ needs and expectations, and contribute to the development of management foundations and preservation of the global environment through the activity to reduce the environmental load. We also set for the basic policy as follows and promote it, contributing to better environment making through business activities.



  • 事業環境におけるリスクと機会をベースに経営計画を策定し、これを達成するとともに、マネジメントシステムを継続的に改善します。
  • 事業活動にあたり、法規制・協定その他の要求事項を遵守します。
  • 従業員が本方針に関する知識を高め、ひとりひとりが本方針に則した改善活動に取り組みます。
  • 業活動、事務活動、及び当社の製品によって生ずる環境への影響を考慮し、環境目的及び環境目標を定め、環境負荷を低減すると共に、定期的な見直しを実施し、又継続的な改善を推進し、環境汚染の予防に努めます。

Basic policy

We will give the customers more satisfaction, never failing to meet the customer requirement.

1. We will set for the purpose and goal, and continuously improve the management system, reviewing its validity every year.
2. We will abide by the law, the agreement, and other requirements in our business.
3. Each employee will advance knowledge as to this policy, and work on the improvement activities based on this policy.
4. We will consider the environmental influences caused by active conduct of our business, affairs, and our products, set for the environmental purpose and goal, review it regularly, promote the continuous improvement, and prevent the environment pollution.


ISO9001,ISO14001 認証登録証明書

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